Protective films on stainless steel sheets

When stainless steel sheets are cut to size on laser systems, the protective film is of course also cut.

In the process, it is accepted that the film burns and thus residues remain on the surface and that these damage the surface during subsequent operations, e.g. bending.

However, this is only noticed during the last operation – removal of the protective film – and is therefore not particularly pleasing.
Rarely is the protective film cut on the laser system where it is not to be removed until later.
The reason for this is the rather expensive working time on the laser system, but also because conventional means visibly damage the surface in the process.
This is exactly where REFOIL comes in with its solution.

Foil Processing

If the blanks for the laser can be precisely planned and optimally used in advance, the foil processing can also be perfectly introduced at this stage for the further work steps.


Whether film is to be removed completely, over the entire surface, partially, in places where it continues to interfere; where it is to be removed more easily later; all this can already be taken into account in the planning stage.

Laser System

The sheets are prepared before the laser system; the laser system does what it is supposed to do. The surfaces remain clean, the employees are spared at least tedious, if not exhausting work.