The refoil foiling system

Plant technology, mode of operation and range of services

Innovative system technology and always individually tailored to your requirements: Refoil systems for stripping and applying protective films save companies a lot of time and personnel costs. They operate maintenance-free and with the highest precision. This is ensured by innovative technology modules, components and functions – developed and designed by engineers with 30 years of experience in special machine construction.

Technical components and functions

Technical components and functions

Thanks to a machining table with vacuum suction technology, the plates and parts to be machined are optimally clamped and held in position.

Lift foil with vacuum

No cumbersome, lengthy lifting of the foil, no tearing of the film: A patented vacuum module lifts the foil precisely, safely and quickly.

CNC-controlled axis system

A CNC-controlled axis system enables high-precision guiding of the cutting, separating, punching or  pulling tool.

Without contact with surface

More protection for surfaces is not possible. Thanks to innovative technology, the machine works completely without contact to the components

partial and complete removal

Foils can be processed both partially and completely. Cutting out and peeling off small pieces of film is thus easily possible

Flat and curved parts

Precise film processing: whether for flat plastic surfaces or also for curved, deep-drawn components such as car body panels.

Would you like to save a lot of time and money with a system for automated peeling and application of protective films? Our consultants will answer all your questions.

Effective foil processing: wherever you need it

Foiling machine as stand-alone solution or integrated solution

Full flexibility also in the choice of location for your film wrapping machine: We plan and realise a film wrapping machine both as a stand-alone solution and as an integrated solution or as part of a production line. This way, the machine always fits perfectly into your individual workflow and production processes. No matter whether you want to separate, remove or apply protective films.

It's worth it! The advantages of our film cutting machine

  • Maintenance-free continuous operation
  • 100% protection for surfaces
  • Very durable in use
  • high processing speed
  • simple, safe operation
  • high-precision film processing

Short project phases and rapid implementation: Get started!

A lot of experience also in project handling: Depending on the individual requirements, the duration for the realisation of a foil separation and peel-off system is between 4 and 6 months – starting with the first consultation up to the completely installed system. What this means for you is that only a short time passes before you can start saving time! We act as a complete service provider, handling all work steps from a single source.

And it pays off: information on amortisation:

Saving time always means saving money. With the refoil foiling system, you significantly reduce the time spent on processing protective film. This means you also save significantly on personnel costs or can deploy personnel elsewhere. On average, the expenditure for a system pays for itself within 2 to 3 years. If the machine is operated in shifts, for example, you will recoup the costs after approx. 1.5 years.

Do you have questions about the automated processing of protective films on components? We will be happy to advise you individually about our system solution.