fast, cost-saving and fully automatic

Automated film processing

Peel off films and apply films: simply automatically!

Whether removing protective films automatically or applying protective film and adhesive tape: Refoil develops individual systems for automated film processing as part of a wide range of manufacturing processes.
With over 30 years of experience in automation and production technology, we are specialists in special machine construction. Our engineers are happy to support you in the further development of your production processes: we ensure the optimum material flow through individual solutions.

Applying films

Quickly apply protective films in different sizes, thicknesses and shapes to product surfaces: by machine, with a perfect fit and always precisely matched to your product.

Removing films

No more laborious and time-consuming manual work! Refoil removes protective films from metal or plastic surfaces of any kind fully automatically.

Remove protective films by machine: This is how it works!


High time saving

Removing and applying films by hand takes time. With our systems, this is done fully automatically and much faster. Save yourself a lot of time here!

Fast amortisation

Removing and applying films by hand takes time. With our systems, this is done fully automatically and much faster. Save yourself a lot of time here!

Innovative technology

Thanks to an innovative technique, the application and removal of protective films is completely contactless to the workpiece. This means that the surfaces remain intact.

30 years of experience

We have been professionals in special machine construction for 30 years. We have been constantly developing our film technology for 10 years. This experience makes us unique

Everything from a single source

Planning, project management, construction and commissioning: when it comes to foiling technology, we are a complete service provider. And always your personal companion

Individual systems

No off-the-shelf systems, but always precisely tailored to your requirements, no matter what they are: We solve your problem!


Metal processing

Automated removal or application of protective foils for e.g. stainless steel sheets, aluminium sheets, bent parts or deep-drawn metal parts: The Refoil foiling machine with its CNC-controlled axis system and innovative vacuum clamping system makes foil processing in metal processing more efficient than ever.

Plastics processing

Simple, fast and cost-saving processing of protective foils for plastic processing companies: The refoil foiling system removes protective foils from plastic sheets of any kind (PMMA sheets, Plexiglas/acrylic glass sheets) on one or both sides. This saves you a lot of time and increases your production output.

About us

Refoil GmbH

Strong in special machine construction

30 years of experience

Professionals for special machine construction for over 30 years: Refoil GmbH has its origins in an engineering office that was founded in 1980 and specialised in the construction of special machines. The focus of every project is always the search for the most efficient solution and the greatest possible reduction in the time and costs spent on certain work steps.

The idea for automated film processing

Developed by customer request: We developed the idea for our film peel and stick systems more than 10 years ago in cooperation with a renowned, internationally active company from the kitchen appliance manufacturing sector. Their problem was to remove protective foils from stainless steel sheets quickly and precisely during production – without damage and with little effort. We developed the solution – and continue to develop our idea to this day.

Would you like to learn more about our innovative film line?

We will be happy to advise you on how we can also implement the right solution for your company.