Foil removal in metal processing

Stainless steel sheets, aluminium parts and co

Polished, etched, structured or painted: To protect the elaborately finished surface, stainless steel or aluminium sheets are foil-coated directly after production. However, for further processing, e.g. laser cutting, punching, bending or welding, the protective film has to be completely or partially removed: Partial or large-area foil removal is particularly time-consuming for large quantities in industrial metal processing.

Automatic film removal for flat and deep-drawn metal parts

Systems from Refoil quickly and precisely remove protective films from flat sheets as well as from curved metal parts. A CNC-controlled axis system cuts the foil on precisely fitting cutting tables – our patented system pulls it off in predefined areas. Vacuum suction cups hold the metal parts in exact position. Our foil take-off systems can be designed as a semi-automatic or fully automatic stand-alone system or integrated into a production process.


Foil take-off systems in metal processing:

  • automatic foil take-off for industrial metal production
  • For stainless steel sheets, aluminium sheets, etc.
  • for bent parts, deep-drawn metal parts
  • B. automotive industry, kitchen appliance manufacturing
  • hall-automatic or fully automatic foil removal
  • CNC-controlled axis system for cutting and removing the film
  • tight fit of the metal parts due to vacuum clamping system
  • Optimum film removal, no film residues
  • lower throughput times, less effort

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