Areas of Application

Metal processing: Stainless steel and sheet metal

Probably the biggest area of application for our foiling systems: surfaces of metal and stainless steel sheets are highly sensitive and are foiled to protect them from damage during production. But as useful as protective films are during transport: they often pose a problem during further processing. Whether bending, welding or riveting: Many production steps require partial or full-surface removal of the film – Refoil removes films precisely, residue-free and automatically!

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Plastic and glass processing

Plexiglas or PMMA sheets, panels or glass panes: Many components in the glass and plastics industry are covered with protective films on one or both sides to protect the sensitive material from scratches, dust and fingerprints. During further processing, however, the film usually has to be removed specifically in the edge area in order to be able to apply edges and frames, for example – with our systems, the removal of films on plastic and glass works automatically for a wide range of industries!

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Refoil foiling machines: Industry application examples:

  • Metal processing
  • automotive industry, kitchen appliance manufacturing
  • Plastics processing
  • Furniture construction, door construction
  • Glass processing
  • window construction, electrical appliance construction

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Among the areas of application by industry for our film removal equipment?