Foil technology

Foil technology in production processes

Protective films as a challenge in production

In order to protect sensitive surfaces, components of all sizes and shapes are provided with protective films. Films are both a blessing and a curse during production. The manual removal of partial or complete surfaces before and the application of protective films after a production step pose great challenges to the industry, not only in terms of personnel, but also in terms of costs. Refoil has the solution: thanks to our foil and foil technology, protective films can be removed and applied automatically.

Advantages of automated foil processing

More safety with less effort: Our systems for automatic foil removal and application of foil and adhesive tapes not only reduce the physical strain on personnel. At the same time, Refoil ensures more precision and less film residue and damage with faster throughput times.
The integration of our individual foiling technology into various manufacturing processes offers our customers a number of advantages – and not least significant cost savings.

All information on foil technology:

  • automatic deduct or application of protective films
  • individual integration of our systems into production processes
  • no time-consuming manual removal of foils between operations
  • no manual removal of film residues before final assembly
  • reduces the strain on personnel
  • more process reliability and higher product quality
  • no film residues that can lead to damage
  • faster throughput times of the components
  • more efficiency in production with lower costs