film processing

The stable basic unit in steel tube welded construction, the precise axis system and the high-precision tools make the REFOIL CR3 the ideal system for processing film on flat parts, such as metal sheets or plastic plates.


CNC machining system CR3

The 3-axis machining systems of the REFOIL CR3 series set a new standard in terms of accuracy and functionality. The machining table is adapted to the usual format sizes; however, special sizes are also possible.
For part clamping, a vacuum table with optimally divided vacuum zones for different part sizes is available; but other clamping systems can also be used. The REFOIL CR3 is equipped with common industry-standard NC software for the control functions, an interface to CAD/CAM software and the option to provide remote maintenance.


Cutting, punching and pulling tools are available; modularly built, with a uniform exchange system.

Cutting tool

The cutting tool can be adapted to each film; the cutting depth can be changed without highly sensitive controls

Milling module

The film is not aerated and removed in a time-consuming process The “milling module”, which actually only generates negative pressure, virtually lifts the film off, and it is also cut into small pieces.

CR3 in Action

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