Apply protective films and adhesive tape

Automated film processing and application

Whether it’s sensitive paintwork in the automotive industry or glossy kitchen fronts in furniture construction: protective films are indispensable for transport and logistics in a wide variety of industries to ensure that products arrive undamaged at processing plants or at the end customer. However, in order to reliably keep out fine scratches, fingerprints or dust, films must be optimally adapted to the product: Refoil automates this production step – with systems for individual, automated film processing and application of protective films.

Application systems for different products

Whether film size, film thickness or product shape: Refoil’s filming and application systems enable the automated application of protective films by being optimally designed and equipped for the respective geometric properties. The film is first cut or punched and then pressed on precisely using a vacuum device. And the application of adhesive tapes (e.g. for fixing mirrors in furniture construction) can also be carried out automatically by our machines – accurately and precisely.

Our machines for applying protective film and adhesive tape:

  • processing and bonding systems for protective film and adhesive tape
  • for the protection of sensitive surfaces
  • B. automotive industry, furniture construction, kitchen appliance construction
  • for product assembly, e.g. in the furniture industry
  • various types of film, film thicknesses from 40 to 140 µ
  • different types of adhesive tapes
  • automatic cutting or punching of adhesive film or tape
  • planning, projecting, assembly, maintenance of the line
  • interruption-free operation possible

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