Film removal in plastics processing

Film removal on plastic parts and coated panels

Whether in window and façade construction, the automotive industry or the furniture industry: plastic parts or plastic-coated sheets are often provided with protective films on one or both sides during industrial production in order to protect the soft surface from scratches, dust and fingerprints. It is essential to remove this before processing – such as laser cutting, drilling, milling or edge application – in order to prevent fusing or burning into the surface.

Film removal on both sides with systems from Refoil

Automatic, fast, contact-free: Refoil film peel-off systems remove protective films automatically and reliably from plastic parts of all kinds. Whether PMMA sheets (also Plexiglas or acrylic glass) or coated sheets and panels: After precise cutting, the film is removed on one or both sides, for example in the edge area, so that edge milling can be carried out precisely and cleanly. Our systems can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated into a production line.

Foil take-off systems in plastics processing:

  • foil take-off systems especially for plastics production
  • single-sided or double-sided film removal
  • for plastic sheets from window and facade construction
  • for coated sheets from kitchen and furniture construction
  • exact positioning of the plastic parts by vacuum clamping systemCNC-controlled axis system for film removal
  • loading with robot or axis system
  • optional integration into production line
  • Lower costs through automated de-foiling


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