Automated removal of protective films

Film removal systems from Refoil

Whether metal sheets, metal parts, Plexiglas plates or glass panes: sensitive surfaces are usually covered with protective films for storage and transport. For further processing of the components, however, the foils have to be removed partially or in one piece: Refoil plans and projects right up to the assembly of industrial systems for automated film removal. Robots or axis systems enable the automatic infeed and outfeed of the components. Our film removal systems can be designed individually as stand-alone systems or integrated into a complete system.

Precise film removal for every type of component

For all sizes, shapes and compositions of components: Our systems are precisely adapted to your specifications. With an accuracy of one thousandth of a Newton, a cutting wheel scores the protective film at the desired points to enable partial, gentle removal. With the help of a scraper, the machine lifts the film in the edge area – it is then gripped by a double-banding system, pulled off and transported into a collection container by an integrated suction system. Our systems are equipped with sensors or cameras for quality assurance.

Our systems for the automated removal of films:

  • individually designed systems for film removal
  • partial or complete removal of protective films
  • efficient film removal without scratches, dust or fingerprints
  • system can be realised for all specifications, no restrictions
  • B. in the automotive industry, furniture industry, plastics and glass processing
  • planning, projecting, installation, maintenance, retooling by Refoil
  • simple set-up and operation during operation
  • Interruption-free operation possible
  • amortisation of a system already after 2-3 years

You want to know more about our film take-off systems? Would you like individual advice on integrating our machines into your production processes?