Project Protective films on polycarbonate panes

PC panes have a sensitive surface that needs to be protected for as long as possible.

Protective films are therefore already applied after the extruder; on one side as well as on both sides.

During further processing, however, these films are often very disturbing; for example, when the panes are installed or glued into a frame.
Then the film must be removed at the edges; precisely and without damaging the surface.
This is very important when the panes are used in extreme environments – as is the case with cable car gondolas, for example.
In the changing environmental conditions prevailing there, even the smallest damage to the surface would cause the greatest damage over time.

Patented System

REFOIL has developed a patented system that cuts and removes film without damaging the underlying surface.


The Swiss company CWA has decided to use this system for the processing of their panes.


The film is cut precisely and reliably on a wide range of panel sizes and shapes.